Read Exodus 17:8-16. 

The Israelites in the wilderness were not a proper army. The people had grown up as slaves in Egypt and never received proper military training. And yet God called upon His people to battle against some of the toughest armies in the region. When Joshua and a group of fighting men clashed with the Amalekites, they were certainly outmatched. But Israel had something the Amalekites didn’t: They were fighting under the banner of the Lord.   

Moses stood atop a hill overlooking the battle and raised his staff above his head. This was the staff through which God had worked many miracles, so it had become a symbol of God’s power and provision. As long as Moses’ arms were lifted high, the Israelites had the upper hand against the Amalekites, but when his arms slipped low, the Israelites began to lose the fight.   

With the help of Aaron and Hur, Moses’ arms stayed up until the battle was won—but the victory wasn’t due to Moses’ upper-body strength or the power of his staff. The victory belonged to the Lord. That is why, when the dust settled, Moses erected an altar and called it Yahweh Nissi, or “The LORD is my Banner” (Exodus 17:15).

Do you surround yourself with the people that can motivate you in the midst of crisis, spiritual battle? With the help of Aaron and Hur, Moses arms stayed up until the battle was won. When you invite Jesus Christ into present situation and you put your trust in Him, He will make impossibility to become possible that’s why I pray for someone reading this message may the Lord raise divine helper for you in the midst of battle in the name of Jesus Christ (Amen)

Have a blissful productive new week with divine victory in the name of Jesus Christ (Amen)

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